Home Repair in Grand Rapids, MI

Home Repair in Grand Rapids MIHomeowners are bound to face that time where all the little odd jobs that have been piling up over the last few months finally beg to be done.

You can’t avoid it, and most of the time, people do it themselves. A common practice, but it lacks the finish of a professional.

We have a solution.

“For those who are in Grand Rapids, MI, we provide quality repair services. We’re a family business with a whole lot of experience and the name of trust for years – Bob’s Complete Construction.”

We at Bob’s Complete Construction employ professional repairmen that are trained to identify, diagnose and fix common household repairs.

We offer you a free, honest estimate of what the whole cost will be. This will be done before any work is carried out, so that you’re in on the cost every step of the way.

Home Repair in Grand Rapids MI

This way, you can see exactly what you’re paying for – not a cent more.

Our experts have over 20 years of training in the family business. They have accumulated a considerable amount of know-how pertaining to the best practices and cheapest methods for Home Repair in Grand Rapids, MI. This way, you can be assured that we know the most economical methods to fix even the most daunting of jobs.
Home Repair in Grand Rapids MI
Home repairs can start from a worn out bulb all the way to fixing shingles on a roof. People often do it themselves to save money, but end up not finishing the job properly. This causes the fault to occur again.

We do our level best from preventing this from happening. We provide permanent solutions to your household problems so that you won’t have to bother about that leaky faucet or that rattling pipe again.

We’re so easily accessible to the community. If there’s a job you need doing, or a list, call us, and we’ll make it easier for you.

We understand that people need to outsource jobs, but avoid doing the same with home repairs as it is rather expensive. But we offer you the best rates and a quote before hand – no hidden charges or nasty surprises later!

Home Repair in Grand Rapids MI

Providing personalized service at economical rates is what we aim to do. We actually want to do a better service to the community, not become an expensive luxury. As a family business we know and understand the importance of a well-kept home. Leave it to us, and we’ll take care of those odds and ends that need to be repaired.

So help us to help you. Call us on 616-821-3243